Hi there! Welcome to Rimsha’s Corner ! I’m Rimsha, the blogs auther. I’m twenty something English graduate from New Delhi, India.

Rimsha’s Corner is this little space I created to spill out about the things which interest me. Its a space where I talk about books I read, movies I watched , TV series I got addicted and various other discussion that needs to be done.

In my little chamber of so many interest be it – reading, writing and composing things to inspire people. I want to share it with people and want to hear them too.

I mostly spend my time reading and if you don’t find me reading search me in tranquility writing my next masterpiece or maybe in my room cuddling up with a new series. But if you don’t find me in either of these spaces , find me in the kitchen , helping my mother.

I’m a mood reader and read variety of genre check my review policy here   Review Policy

You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.

You can also email me – rimsha.reads@gmail.com  for any inquiries.

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