February 2


The Goodbyes by Leslie Welch

By Rimshascorner






RATING :  ★★★


The girl who inspired his songs may only have hours to live. A snow storm and two hundred miles separate a rock star from his chance to say goodbye.

The Goodbyes is a moving and realistic account of the strength of an unbreakable bond, the anguish of unrequited feelings, and the wisdom attained through the highs and lows of triumph and tragedy. Told through the unique prose of debut author Leslie Welch, this story aims for the core of our emotions.

Webb Turner grew up in a seemingly idyllic Pennsylvania town, tortured by a troubled household. His young life is turned upside down by the exciting, magnetic, and wild girl next door, Bree. They keep each other at arm’s length their whole lives, however, dancing around the issue of their unresolved feelings while Bree’s life steadily spirals out of control.

In the meantime, Webb’s life is on a different trajectory. He escapes the small town to become a globetrotting rock music sensation, with a new romantic interest on his mind and the past left in the rear-view mirror—until he hears that Bree is dying. This shocking news unleashes a torrent of unresolved angst that won’t be dammed until Webb drops everything and everybody mid-tour to undertake a dangerous drive through a blizzard to be by Bree’s side, just for one last chance to say his final farewell.

With compelling characters, an unflinchingly realistic small-town setting, and emotionally sensitive prose, author Leslie Welch weaves a story that lingers in the mind long after the cover is closed. 

This book was amazing to an extent that it has variety of characters and all different. I liked this book a lot and I was hooked to it. I was always so curious to know, what will be happening next.

Although the story was nice. It was not so heartwarming. I really loved the way it was written, varying up both past and present alternatively.

I found the characters weak in their personality but soon realized that there are people like them , who think like them. To be very honest , I hated the female lead, Bree. I found her useless., selfish and mean. She was after people because she only wished they were after her. I found Webster , too annoying sometimes. I never understood why the hell was he after that stupid Bree, Can’t he see that she is using him. She is spoiling her own life. But maybe he was too much in love with her to witness any flaw.

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The other girl , Charlotte was amazing. I wish I had a friend like her in real life. She was so helpful. And she was a friend who actually meant good for everyone she knows. I loved her character and loved that they end up being together. * spoiler *

I highly recommend this book to everyone. Because , it will let you self introspect to what you actually are?