January 12


The Moonrise by Sarah Crossan

By Rimshascorner


“I am alive and I am alone in a land of so much space.” 
― Sarah CrossanOne

• my first free verse novel which broke my heart because it was so emotional.

• even though it was written in a lot less than usual but the plot was well written.

• the best part were the characters driven and their relationship.


 the book was put together pretty well. I enjoyed how engaging it was with present and past incidents narrated so finely.

• the plot takes us to an intriguing story from the very first chapter.

• and with ending of each chapter we want to know more and more.

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• even though it was written in free verse, the author does an exceptional job of creating them full of depth.

• they were so conflicted which brought the best in them.

• they were broken all the same in so many ways which made them more realistic.

• the best part was the plot and the characters were not overly written.

Books Worth Reading:

• not a lot of importance was laid on the description which is what I love for one has freedom of imagination in some way then.

Theme / Writing 

even though the basic theme is family and conflict and love that prevails beyond any conflicting situation.

• there is more to it. The need for love from your close ones.

• the need for belief by the people you love. And how that belief can make you stronger.

Books Worth Reading:

• and apart from these major themes , there is a layered them of justice, and injustice that is part of so called just society.

• and also, the part that parents play in the up bringing of their children.


The Ending ( Spoiler ) 

I feel my heart getting cold at the thought of what happened to Ed in the end.

Books Worth Reading:

I so wanted for Ed to find justice. I hoped that may be he will get it.  But the main motive of this book was to show that how justice system and people involved in it can be wrong too.

• the last part where Ed hugs it’s siblings. And when he screams , after been taken away – breaks me so much more.

Have you read anything by Sarah Crossan ?

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