February 25


BOOK REVIEW : The Secret History of Us by Jessi Kirby

By Rimshascorner


WORDLY VERDICT – beautiful story, lovely writing.


   did i tell about my love for this book? No! –     it stole my heart and gave chills to my stomach and mind. it was as if i was with these characters and wanted to be with them. its an heartwarming read. don’t try to assume as you read. just read this for the amazing writing and some flawless quotable lines.

The secret history of us was a thought provoking and a beautiful read. It has some amazingly beautiful writings that can really get you.

The story follows a girl name Olivia who looses some of memory after she is caught up in an accident and is saved by a stranger after being dead for a while.

So,when she wakes up,she is trying to recall and understand what is happening and how has a lot changed.

It is a story about how she cope up with traumatic amnesia and trying to accept how she was before the accident as she remembers graduating high school and not a thing else, not even her boyfriend, Matt

And then there is this stranger who saved her, hiding away.

Plot –

The story was well structured and organised. I loved how there was always something to look out for by the end of every chapter.

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It was beyond amazing to see the little trinkets of her life been re-framed by others.

It was so terrifying to even think about losing a part of you that made who you are.

Characters –

I loved the character dynamics for each

one.  I liked how real and different every one of them were.

I loved how realistic , Olivia’s character was , it didn’t seem imposed upon or fictitious.

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So was of that of her parents and friennds. All worried.

I loved her brother’s character, it brought comic humor to all the messed up tension throughout the plot. He was hilarious yet lovable.

And of course the secrecy of the stranger was on point.

Theme and writing

The writing style was very descriptive and poetic in some respect.

It really gave way to many of new thoughts.

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Also, it was actually the plus as it gave more to the story on its own.

I loved how as we read, it felt as if we are reading our story and that everything that Olivia was feeling was felt by the reader, which was commendable.

The theme of the book is memory , how much importance it plays in our life and existence.

And loosing it means loosing a part of who you are.

The only thing that stopped me from giving it a 5 on 5 stars was that it felt predictable in some points

Apart from that i will definitely want to re read it again in the future.

As i already  have some beautiful lines and thoughts marked.

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