January 5


Ruins By Rajith Savanadasa

By Rimshascorner





RATING : ★★★


This book was sent to me for review by
Goodreads summary :-

A country picking up the pieces, a family among the ruins… 

In the restless streets, crowded waiting rooms and glittering nightclubs of Colombo, five family members find their bonds stretched to breaking point in the aftermath of the Sri Lankan civil war.

Latha wants a home. Anoushka wants an iPod.
Mano hopes to win his wife back.
Lakshmi dreams of rescuing a lost boy.
And Niranjan needs big money so he can leave them all behind.

This book felt so homely. There was essence of living in a home, relating to their problems. making their problems mine. It was pure. It felt so real; like I was witnessing the life of someone too close. 
Their day to day life was a part of my life. In fact ; everyone felt a part of myself. It felt as if we all were related. 


The basic need of a person is its family. Every important thing that goes through our life is shared by all family members until ; those members separate themselves from one another. 
This book talks about the importance of family in your life; value of your parents in your life, impermanence of everyone apart from your parents and siblings.

And most importantly ; the very evident questions for today ‘s  generation ?
Who was there for you when nobody was ? Who was there for you when you were starving to death ?  Who recognizes you in the crowd ? Who cares for you so much that it forgets to eat or sleep without seeing your last glimpse? Who comes to your room after you are asleep; to check if you are okay ? Who is the one who wakes up hours before your school time just to wake you up on time ? Who is the one to tolerate all your ill treatment and still longs for your smile ? Who are ones living for you not for themselves ?

Do you have an answer to these questions ? 

Parents are the soul of your existence. They can do  anything to harm themselves just to protect you from getting hurt. 

Respect them ; and remember ” respect is earned “


The plot was moving. It was not that involving but was understandable. One needs to get hold of every character to lead the way to the story. 
It was lead by five different perspective. And each one equally important. 
I’m not going to get inside the detail ; because I want everyone to read it and understand through their own perspective. 
I’m here to give mine. 

No one is freed from despair it is the way they handle it ; makes them outlive all the crisis of life. This book will give way to that.


Five characters. 
Each having a character within a character. It is through their journey that they realize the priorities of life. Rising above all the needs they conquer the journey built through crisis. Finding joy in the saddest part of life. 

The book has extreme character development of almost all the main characters. And something which makes them real is the fact that they do not deny the faults in their behavior. They in fact ; fights back through realization of what is important and what is not.

I request everyone to grab this and read this beauty. Don’t rush through it but make it your purpose to read. It will teach you a lot of things. All you have to do is read through the depth of its cover. 
Make this your home.