February 15


BOOK REVIEW: The Story Traveler By Max Candee

By Rimshascorner






RATING :  ★★★


 Goodreads Summary : 

Stories aren’t real … or are they?

Fifteen-year-old Haley Spade is enrolled in an exclusive boarding school in Connecticut. This school has a grim mythology: Everyone believes that the angry ghosts of six students who committed suicide decades ago still haunt its halls.

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On a dare, Haley spends a night wandering through the “haunted” building. But she takes a wrong turn into a dizzying adventure of stories made real, stories within stories, worlds within worlds. She encounters magical creatures like the King of the Cats, a shapeshifting crow, elves—and a menace far more terrifying than any ghost.

Suspenseful, fast and rooted in several fairy tales, The Story Traveler captures our yearning to be more than what we are. Haley’s bizarre journey will leave her and the reader wondering: What is reality?

This book was something more than just a book to me. It brought me to a world with a different meaning to our world.I was there witnessing things.There was some part of that I did not understood. But I got a newperspective , anyhow.

Even Though, I felt no close connection with the protagonists. But I certainly liked her relationship with everyone, especially Oliver.

I really liked the whole theme of this plot. The whole idea was new to me.
It made me see things differently.
But a drawback which I felt was that , it was exaggerated in the end. It could have been left a bit early.
The ending made me feel a bit annoyed.

But anyhow , I liked this book and I would recommend it to all the reader because its a light read and really thought provoking.

I highly recommend this book to each and everyone. It is clean yet thoughtful.
It might give you a new way to see life.

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