February 20



By Rimshascorner


I Gave it a 3.75 out of 5 stars, and its definately a fun read.

I’m planning to continue with the series. scroll down to hear my thoughts.

I hope you enjoy.

– Truthwitch is a story of a thread sister both trying understand there powers and the way to live. Safia is a truthwitch , that is the one that can find if a person is speaking truth or a lie.

But her power comes with trouble and a lot demand for every ruler wants to have  her in their confidence. Will she find her freedom ?

Whereas, Iseult who is a thread witch is still finding a way to understand what she actually is and meant to be.


a world so intricately written that one can feel a part of it. the whole magic system was new and well crafted.
 i loved how different and detailed the power of different witches were. And a variety of them to count.
 but the book will be remembered for its characters. They were just so real.
the book has a slow burning romance which I loved. Those parts were my favourite to read. It was as if the conversation was a part of me and I was a part of them.
– i liked the narrating style of the book, it was as if it was an old legend being narrated to me as i sit there listening to them on that very spot where the action took place.
the plot is nevertheless action packed and it is as if the trouble is seeking our characters from all the four sides.


characters were just so previously precise. I loved how the witches had a specific power which made them unique from one another.
I loved the bond between the thread sisters – Safia and Iseult
the way they knew how both of them complimented each other. how they felt half of them in other ones absence.
I loved the bond of friendship and care between the thread brothers – Merik and Kullen
they knew what they are capable of , they knew what other wanted more than anything. And I loved how they understood each others need and stood for them despite of all.
And of course , the bloodwitch character was unique yet interesting. I think we will read more about him in the coming books.
And being a subscriber to @susandennard newsletter – I know a book ‘ bloodwitch ‘ will be coming soon.
and among other side characters , I liked the character of Everen – the monk.


there are plethora of themes in this book.
– friendship
– love
– war
– power
And they all are finely knitted.
is visualistic and dramatic which keeps the audience engaging.
it is as if someone is narrating a documentary.


now coming to some low points.
– just because this world was new to me, it was hard and a lot more confusing in the starting to comprehend it.
but is got clearer as we read through.
Even though, I feel it is a book I will want to re-read for it will be of more impact in the second attempt.
– the whole was confusing at first , that I actually thought , if there could be a guide book available, so one can read the intricate details more precisely.
– but I know by not narrating the system in one go, the author is trying to unfold its different layers on the go, which is  fine as vomiting out a lot of information in one go might lead to indigestion.
– also please keep a dictionary handy, as the author uses excellent vocabulary skills.


            lovely conversation which brings twinkle to your heart –  264 , 390, 408

                                                    *giggles with excitement *

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