January 22



By Rimshascorner



     I Gave this book 3 out of 5 stars.

      it was a fun kiddish yet enjoyable read.

      fine for all the chickens out there.

The book is set in a small town named – Hobbs End , which is famous for its local legend of Hob Hound , that means ‘ Demon Dog ‘ , the dog has red eyes and has wings which makes him mysterious and unusual.

According to the legend, the dog feeds on fear but not everyone believes in these old legend , not until they have seen it themselves. but soon enough they are forced to believe when one by one boys start to get missing in the dark of the night.

And just as, Bunny Smallbone’s brother Arthur goes missing, after they came back from ‘Dr Vindicta ‘s Carnival ‘ , it is not just any carnival but carnival of monsters.

Every one believes that Arthur has ran away but Bunny does not, for she witness the Monster taking his brother away in his claws. Soon enough, the team of S.C.R.E.A.M – Supernatural Crime Rescues Emergency Mystery , comes to their rescue and to save the town from the monster roaming in the night.


It is a middle grade mystery book which I enjoyed reading. The plot was slow and a bit boring in the beginning. I was actually dragging myself, and thought of keeping it aside, but I’m thankful that , I did not for I really enjoyed when the story progresses. The fun was to an extent that I finished it in two days.

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The plot is simply driven and starts to get interesting when the book is nearing 70 pages. In the starting it feels like the writer is actually doing some ground work. So, don’t be mistaken to leave this book in the middle. keep reading as the themes and morals develop in the later half.


The characters were well written. i liked how each character was different from one another, and everyone had a part to play.

The best part was that every character was introduced through their different habitual characteristics.

I loved the SCREAM  detectives, both of them – Charlie  and Billy .  their team work was amazing.

I enjoyed reading about the side characters as well especially , Old Ted and her sister. The dialogue between headmaster and charlie was nice to read too.

Books Worth Reading:

best scene was everyone coming together as a team.


The main theme of the book is coming out of your shell of shyness and fear, and building courage to speak against  the one doing wrong.

The story has some elements of bullying, which turns out to be a major theme. it is not an harsh in representation but it certainly has some words telling how one was bullied.

So, if you are tiny miny bit of sensitive about bullying, keep this in mind.

But apart from all this, i feel the book is actually trying to negate the act of bullying,  and giving our readers moral as what it can lead to.

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  • It is a fun read for kids
  • it gives some spooky vibes, which can easily be read by people who are easily scared.
  • it might be good middle grade read for Holloween.
  • reminds me of Doctor faustus ( the play ) and Secret seven
  • if you are too in  love with dogs to see them as demon , then this might not be for you.
  • it has bullying in its words
  • read to know more


Thank you , Usborne Publishers for sending me a review copy. All views are my stated are honest and unbiased.