January 19


The One by John Marrs 

By Rimshascorner


• one of the most intriguing thriller.

• it has such a different concept.

• it is as if one is reading about personal life, of so many people. And you want all well for them.

• never ever has any book of fiction talked about DNA in such a new way.


the story has five point of view or stories which take this new DNA test which tells a person’s soul mate. And according to the test everyone has a soulmate.

• each story stood aside one another yet together with one another. there lives are complicated after taking that test.

• I went into this book knowing nothing and with low expectation but I was not disappointed at all yet I was impressed.

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• the best part about this book was that it never lost its punch , every chapter ended on a cliff hanger.


the characters were well crafted.

• their flaws and tension in their lives make them feel realistic.

• creating such variety in character with such finess , really conveys the brilliance of a writer.

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Theme/ Writing

• the story follows no particular theme other than how people crave for true love and are so afraid of losing their love of life.

• writing on the other hand is on point, not draggy – not detached, just the right amount for a thrill that was needed.

The ending wanted me to read more about these characters.

Highly recommended to the people who think that they are not meant for this thrillers ( I’m one of them ) but this one is an exception.

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Which is your favorite thriller ?

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